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Face Reading Services

Be Surprised to know what your Face Says

Do you know that your face can be read just like a book?

Yes! a person’s character and thinking process is revealed in his or her face.

No ! it is not dependent on whether they look beautiful or ugly, short or tall.

Allapur Narsi Reddy

Narsi Reddy is a Face reading expert with over 40 years of experience. He is specialized in selecting right life partner through Facereading. He has also helped many couples in marriage counseling through Facereading and helped them in understanding each other. Apart from marriage counseling, he also helps people in selecting business partners.

So What Exactly is Face Reading ?

There are mystically in our faces certain characters which carry in them the motto of our souls, wherein he that cannot read A,B,C may read our natures.

-Sir Thomas Browne

Face reading is the study of a person’s face to understand the nature and certain attributes about that person. Face readers can easily identify if a person is honest, intelligent or reliable. Looking for these characteristics in a person is very easy, but trying to read it is very difficult. The face has many different attributes that you will have to understand to read the person properly.Β 

How Face Reading is Useful ?


When your Face is read, you can strive to become a better person u always want to be, by getting your character assessed, knowing more about your positives and negatives, your future potential health problems and thereby improving your self for good


You will be successful in career path which is in line with your characters and strengths. With Face Reading you can know , in what areas exactly you should improve to achieve your career goals

Life Partner

This is the most important thing in your life and your life will change a lot once you get married. So, it is better to know about your life partner before hand without wasting your time and going through all the emotional turmoil by figuring out yourself. The information like his or her preferences, sexual strengths and faithfulness money making capabilities, how he or she will think about family.


Face Reading is being used for thousands of years as diagnostic tool by Eastern medical practitioners. It will be helpful to predict the onset of health problems and make recommendations in terms of herbs to take and changes in lifestyle to avert the illness before it occurred.Β 


Business Partner

If you are starting a business with a partner or partners, it is vital to have information like his or her investment styles, working style, money spending habits, problem solving capabilities, sincerity towards work . With face reading you can literally save your time, money, business from all the pitfalls and by discussing the issues before hand with your business partners


Nowadays, it is very difficult to get Right person for your job. Information like his behavior with people working style, Loyalty towards employers, his problem solving skills responsibility taking attitude, his management skills whether it is detailed or heavily grandiose is very vital while selecting a Person for a key role in your company.

Marriage Counselling

When you are married, there will be many ups and downs in your married life, mostly due to not understanding the needs and thinking process of each other. Don’t worry, we will give a complete support in understanding positives and negatives of each other and thereby improve your quality of your relationship.

Benefits of Face Reading

πŸ‘‰ For face reading, there is no need to have information such as their birth time and date, place of birth as required by astrology, no need to see their hand palms, as required by palmistry. Only requirement is to have their latest photos. And you know, how easy it is to get their latest photos in the age of Social media

πŸ‘‰ We can know a person’s true personality, recognize their thinking pattern, their needs, their way of spending money, their way of treating others, their sexual strength, their negative qualities and their style of working and many more without ever talking to them

πŸ‘‰ You can better understand your life partner or business partner or your employee and provide them what they need to achieve your personal and financial goals

πŸ‘‰ Get unfair advantage through understanding people’s motives

Our Services

You’re Fully Protected By 100% Money Back Guarantee for All Our Services


Β If you aren’t not satisfied in ANY WAY, we insist you to contact our rapid response team through chat or support email for an instant, NO-QUESTIONS asked, FULL refund. This will give you an opportunity to see exactly how powerful face reading is and once you are satisfied you will use our services again and again

Frequently Asked Questions

🍁 Is Face reading pro a detective service?

No! Absolutely NOT , we are not a detective service. We use science based face reading to analyse people’s character and know everything about them.

🍁 What information do we need to know about a person?

We need only their photos. Latest photos will be very helpful. Information like their Name, address, phone number or any other information is NOT required and will NOT be asked. For best accuracy in face reading, it is better to have face photos in all angles.

🍁 Why do we need to trust information provided by face reading pro?

To trust the information, it would be best to get a face reading report for yours first You will be amazed by the accuracy of information about yourself. Then, we are sure you will be a brand ambassador for our service and will surely share our services with your friends and family.

🍁 Is there a Refund policy?

If you aren’t not satisfied in ANY WAY, we insist you to contact our rapid response team through chat or support email for an instant, NO-QUESTIONS asked, FULL refund.

🍁 Do you take expressions in the person’s face into account while reading faces?

Nol Facial expressions are completely ignored. We all wear many masks to hide many things about ourselves by expressions or simply give expressions just for expressing ourselves.But, true character can never be hidden from a face reader.